Software testing – special course

The last dojo – more testing

The fourth, and last, dojo of our course was about Session-Based Testing. That was also (weirdly enough?) the title of the first presentation, that gave us a basic overview of session-based testing, the tester's roles etc. Once again I was late (I still wonder why all the site downtimes happen when you least hope for them...), but I got a good hang of it even seeing only a fraction of the presentation.


The third dojo – Show time!

The third dojo's presentations were about Exploratory testing a web application and Bug management with RedMine. It was, finally, showtime – my group had done a presentation about the first, ET. It was quite a vast subject and we originally had some problems narrowing it down – especially since there isn't really too much sources about ET on a Web application out there. I don't know why, though... It seems to me like ET is THE way to do Web testing. Anyway, we managed to scrape together a usable presentation generally about ET and also on applying it to Web testing.


The second dojo – UI test automation and Watir

The second dojo was about UI test automation and Watir. We started with the presentations – this time one presentation for the whole course. First was the general presentation about UI test automation. I have to admit that having already researched the subject to some extent because of my work, there wasn't that much new information in that presentation. However, the presentation was good and the lecturer's comments about UI test automation software, their problems and experiences about the software was nice.


”Software testing – special course” 101

In this period I'm attending a course that I was very much looking forward to: Software testing – special course. The special part means that it's being lectured by two industry experts on software testing, and the structure of the course is quite different from any other course I've been to. I love the idea of industry people coming to universities as lecturers, because although the university staff are most certainly knowledgeable people on their respective fields, most of the courses have bee held by the same lecturer at least once before.


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