The third dojo – Show time!

The third dojo's presentations were about Exploratory testing a web application and Bug management with RedMine. It was, finally, showtime – my group had done a presentation about the first, ET. It was quite a vast subject and we originally had some problems narrowing it down – especially since there isn't really too much sources about ET on a Web application out there. I don't know why, though... It seems to me like ET is THE way to do Web testing. Anyway, we managed to scrape together a usable presentation generally about ET and also on applying it to Web testing. I have to admit my presentation skills weren't really shining that day – For one reason or another I decided I just had to read aloud a slide that presented the differences between ET and scripted testing. God (only) knows why... Otherwise I think our presentation was good, though, and I did survive it despite my lousy performance.

The second presentation is about a developer tool called RedMine – one that I've long thought I should try. As I thought, the tool seemed quite good and I will indeed need to take a closer look at it some time.

After the presentation we set off to our actual testing dojo mission – the first two dojos were more of a coding type of thing, but this (and the next one) was just pure testing. Our mission was basically to test our university's Web site (and it's subdomains). I think the lecturers thought a little higher of the site... They promised a prize for finding a bug on the sites. Little did they know, the site's not that perfect... I have to admit, it was much less bugfree than I imagined, but there were a few weird things that I'd definitely call bugs, and as such both groups found more than enough to qualify for the prize – IMHO.

In the end both groups were also tasked with reporting at least one of the found bugs to the webmaster. I personally think they should have all been reported, but I'm not sure what was done with them since I wasn't the one assigned to the task. Hopefully at least the most annoying ones were reported...


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