”Software testing – special course” 101

In this period I'm attending a course that I was very much looking forward to: Software testing – special course. The special part means that it's being lectured by two industry experts on software testing, and the structure of the course is quite different from any other course I've been to. I love the idea of industry people coming to universities as lecturers, because although the university staff are most certainly knowledgeable people on their respective fields, most of the courses have bee held by the same lecturer at least once before. That's all fine and dandy, of course, and it ensures the stable quality of the courses. However, it unfortunately also might lead to the courses being held in the same manner as they always have been, instead of trying something bold and interesting.

What was so special about the structure of the course in comparison to the others? Well, the most important one: There were two lectures, on the first week. The lectures were mostly introduction to the course and to software testing basics. After that, it was all up to us.

The main part of the course is held in four dojos, of which each holds two presentations from two student groups – one about a more theoretical subject and one toolset subject. After the presentations, the course splits to two groups and starts doing the actual stuff – using the tools that were just introduced, in a dojo-like manner.

After the first lectures I was eager (and a bit nervous) to see what the dojos would really be like. Would I need to sink below the table and never come out?


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